Kids, Cars, And Personal Injury: What To Do When A Kid Rolls A Car Over You

2 March 2017
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Kids have a way of getting around inside a car and pulling on or pushing the wrong controls. There is at least one kid in every family that somehow manages to put the car in reverse, either while it is turned on or off, and rolls it down the driveway or down the street before the vehicle hits something and stops. Unfortunately, whatever or whoever gets in the car's way along the way may be severely injured. If you have recently suffered a personal injury at the hands of a mischievous child and a runaway car, here is what you need to do.

Get the Parent's Information

This may or may not be covered under an auto insurance policy, but you should get the parent's auto insurance information anyway. You were technically a pedestrian hit by a car, and you should approach your case that way first. If that does not pan out, make sure you have the parent's homeowner's insurance information, as your accident may be covered under that or under an "umbrella" policy, which tends to cover insurance gaps in other policies. When none of these pan out, move to the next step.

Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

You have a unique accident, but one that is the direct result of something that happens all the time. The injuries you have sustained as the result of "Junior" rolling a car over you need to be addressed, and someone needs to take responsibility for paying your medical bills and any ongoing care you will need. You cannot do that alone. You will need to hire a personal injury lawyer in order to sue the responsible party, which is not the kid, but his/her parents. Visit websites like to learn more.

Sue the Parents

Clearly, if little Susie or little Johnny was in the car unattended and put the car in reverse, Mom and/or Dad was not paying attention. Ergo, your injuries are the direct result of inattentive parents and you can sue the parents for not keeping a better eye on their kid.  This is where your records, the police reports, and eyewitnesses come in, because you will need all of the above to show that your injuries were substantial and that getting rolled over in a car "driven" by a kid is what caused them. The parents were supposed to be more responsible with their child, and because they were not, their negligence caused you to get hurt.