Answering Several Questions Victims Of Workplace Accidents May Have

4 March 2017
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Suffering a serious injury while you are on the clock can result in substantial complications that will need to be addressed. Unfortunately, you may find that you are ill-prepared to address these situations, and this can result in you needing to be informed about your rights as an accident victim to make sure that they are respected during these proceedings.  

When Should You Report Your Injuries?

In order to be able to file for a worker's compensation claim, you will have to report your injury to your employer. Sadly, you may make the mistake of failing to report an injury as it may seem trivial at the time that it occurred. Unfortunately, delays in reporting these injuries to your supervisor may weaken your claim for worker's compensation. This is due to the fact that these insurance policies are only designed to cover injuries that occur while you are at work. Delays in reporting injuries may cause the insurance company to argue that the injury occurred outside of work, which would make it ineligible for benefits. By reporting these injuries promptly, you can greatly improve the odds of any future worker's compensation claims being successful.

How Is The Doctor Chosen For Treating Your Condition?

When you file for a worker's compensation claim, it can be easy to assume that your normal doctor will provide your treatment. Yet, the insurance company will actually be able to dictate the doctor that treats the injury. During the process of choosing the doctor for your injuries, you will likely be presented with the option of a few different local providers that you can choose from. For those that live in extremely isolated or rural areas, there may not be a doctor in the vicinity that accepts the worker's compensation insurance. If this results in you being referred to a care provider that is prohibitively far from your home, you may be able to petition for a change of care provider. This is an extremely important option for those that either lack an automobile or are unable to operate one as a result of their injuries.

Will Your Employer Dismiss You For Filing A Worker's Compensation Claim?

It is a frequent worry among some individuals that they will face retribution from their employer for filing a worker's compensation claim. Yet, the law has very strict regulations against this practice, and any employers that engage in these actions can face extremely harsh penalties. Due to the protections, you should be able to freely file for your worker's compensation claim. However, if you suspect that you are being retaliated against for this claim, you should consult with worker's compensation attorneys, like Neifert Byrne & Ozga, to determine whether you have a retaliation case against the employer.