2 Things To Give Your Attorney After You Have Been In A Car Accident

16 March 2017
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If you have been in a car accident, then you should have made sure that the police were involved, and you should have exchanged information about addresses and insurance. However, the other driver may not have insurance or may have given you faulty information. Luckily, a police report should have more correct information, so if there is a problem, you should still be able to find out who the other driver involved was. However, you may still run into problems, like the other driver not having insurance and not being able to cover damages or the other driver's insurance company refusing to pay out because the driver has given their insurance company erroneous information. If either of these things have happened, then you need to talk an attorney to get some help. You want to make sure that you give your attorney all the help you can so that they can help you. 


If you took pictures after your accident of your car, their car, and the surrounding area, then you need to be sure that your attorney has those in their possession. They can use that information to try to refute the information that the other driver or insurance company has given them. For example, if your picture shows the other driver up and walking around easily but they say that they had more severe injuries, then your attorney can use those pictures to refute that. If the police took any pictures as well, you can request them from the police department. 

Witness Reports

If you had the chance, and if there were any, you may have been able to talk to anyone who witnessed the accident. You may have been able to get their contact information. You can turn that over to your attorney who can talk to them and see what they had to say. You don't want to talk to the witnesses too much, just so that you don't influence their story. If you talk to them too much, your memories and their memories may combine and come up with something that isn't quite what happened. It's human nature do to that, your brain wants to fill out any blanks, so it wouldn't be a conscious thing on anyone's part. So, that's why you should leave that to your attorney. 

Giving your attorney, one like Clearfield & Kofsky, as much information as possible can help them recover the money you need for any medical costs as well as repair costs to your car.