Were You Bit By A Dog At The Park? A Guide To Handling Your Personal Injury Case

26 September 2017
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You love dogs, and you always follow the basic safety rules for being approached by an animal out in public. Unfortunately, you also run into constant threats during your jogs in the park by dog owners who refuse to follow leash laws and keep their animal by their side in public spaces. While receiving a dog bite is painful and scary, it is important for you to know that the steps you take immediately after the injury occurs makes a big difference in the outcome of your case. Use this guide to handle your personal injury case correctly so that you get the compensation you need for a healthy recovery.

Assess Your Injuries

Dog bites result in injuries that range from a mild scratch to multiple or large bites that threaten your life. It is also possible for a bite to cause problems later such as generating an infection. Always seek emergency medical attention first if you experience symptoms such as excessive bleeding or shock. If your bite is mild enough to wait at the scene, then make sure to follow up after filing your report to by visiting a physician who can accurately treat your wound.

Contact the Local Authorities

It is important to report the dog bite to the proper authorities as soon a possible. Filing a report with the police department or local animal control services not only holds the dog owner responsible for their pet's behavior, but it also gives you proof that the injury occurred. Make sure to get copies of any reports that are filed along with witness statements so that these things can be used for filing your claim.

Gather Pertinent Details

When you visit a personal injury lawyer, it is best to have as much information as possible about the events that led up to the incident. Get the dog owner's personal contact information along with their dog's breed and size. Take note of details such as whether or not the dog was on a leash or if they may have jumped a fence to escape their backyard. If possible, take pictures at the scene to document your findings.

Seek Legal Advice Before Making Major Decisions

After a dog bite injury, the responsible party or their insurance company may offer you money. Avoid accepting any settlement offers until you have spoken with a personal injury attorney. This is because a professional can identify other factors such as the need to be compensated for lost work time or lingering medical issues caused by the injury that you might miss during the stress of dealing with a dog bite.

Dogs might be considered to be man's best friend, but it certainly doesn't feel like it when you are attacked. By knowing what to do when you are the victim of a dog bite, you can prevent yourself from further injury while ensuring that you have everything you need for a healthy recovery. For more information, contact a personal injury attorney.