Five Pieces Of Information To Bring With You When You Meet With Your DUI Lawyer For The First Time

12 September 2018
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Going through a DUI arrest and dealing with charges afterwards can feel overwhelming. However, you can rest assured that you'll feel better about the whole ordeal after meeting with a specialized lawyer and finding out what your best steps forward are.

Your meeting with the lawyer will go best if you come prepared. You should definitely have the following five pieces of information with you when you meet with your DUI lawyer to make maximum progress during your first meeting:

What's on your criminal record

If you have a clean criminal record prior to your DUI charge, you may be eligible for a diversion program that will minimize the impact your DUI charge will have on your life. Also, if you have previous DUI charges, they are going to influence the type of deal your lawyer will be able to get for you with the court. 

The reason for your pullover

A DUI lawyer is sometimes able to successfully fight a DUI charge due to the reason for the pullover. If the initial reason for your pullover doesn't meet certain criteria or involves false pretenses, your DUI charge might not be able to hold weight in court.

During your meeting with your DUI lawyer, you'll want to discuss the pullover reason and ask if the reason is strong enough to justify the resulting DUI investigation. 

The BAC you're recorded at when you were arrested

These days, DUI law and DUI charge outcomes are largely dictated by BAC levels. If your BAC level was over .08, you may have a hard time fighting your charge. However, law enforcement will sometimes try to charge an individual with a DUI even though they were below the legal limit. In this case, your DUI lawyer may easily be able to achieve an acquittal for you. 

When your hearing is scheduled for

Your lawyer is going to need to free up his or her schedule to be available for your hearing. You're therefore going to want to notify your lawyer of when your hearing is scheduled as early on as possible. 

What professional credentials you have that may be impacted

A DUI charge or conviction can have a significant impact on the job of the individual who's dealing with the situation. This is especially true for those who drive for a living.

You may need to notify your employer or any organizations accrediting you with a license or professional certification when you are charged or convicted with a DUI. Your lawyer should be able to advise you on how you need to handle your DUI in terms of your career situation.