When Big Rigs Mean Big Accidents

17 July 2019
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Everyone respects the job that truckers do to move vital goods from point A to point B. Without big rig trucks, we'd be left depending on our inadequate rail and waterway systems of transport. Unfortunately, these gargantuan vehicles can also present a hazard to drivers everywhere. If you have been harmed because of an accident involving a big rig truck, read on for some guidance on taking action.

Who is Responsible for Big Rig Accidents?

Unlike the drivers of most motor vehicles in accidents, the driver of many big rigs cannot be held personally responsible for accidents. Unless the driver is entirely independent, it is the company that hired the driver who is responsible for the harm caused when they are at fault. All businesses, be it a trucking company, a daycare center, or a store, owe others what is known as a duty of care. That means that they must be focused on making sure that others are not harmed as a result of one of their drivers or trucks.

Why Big Rig Accidents Are Unique

When it comes to big rig accidents, there is more about the situation that makes it unique compared to other accidents than just who you can sue. Often, when accidents do occur, they can be far more serious than those between regular vehicles. Just the extra weight that big rigs traditionally carry is enough to create a far more dangerous situation on the road. For example, the greater the weight of the truck, the more room it takes to stop the truck. Additionally, when you place the size, weight, and speed of a big rig alongside a passenger vehicle, there is no contest as to who will end up with the most damage and the most serious injuries. Unfortunately, this is far from the only worries other drivers have with big rigs. Take a look at other problems associated with this form of transport:

  1. Distracted big rig drivers paying attention to communication devices or nav units instead of the road.
  2. Improperly loaded trucks with shifting loads that could cause trucks to lose control or pitch over suddenly.
  3. Over-worked drivers who are not alert.
  4. Poorly-maintained vehicles with bad brakes and more.

Taking Action Against Big Rigs

If you have been hurt in a wreck with a big rig, take action as soon as you are physically able. Don't fall victim to inadequate offers by the trucking company to settle the case. You may have no idea of the amount of money you could be entitled to be paid when a big rig driver causes your wreck, so put those insurance adjusters on hold while you seek help. Contact a personal injury attorney about your case.