Selling Software Bundles and Tech Solutions? Keep Your Receipts.

31 December 2017
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Using tools for new, amazing purposes is just another part of innovation. It wouldn't make much sense for a construction company to be sued by a hammer company for not paying a license fee, but in the tech industry, there are a lot of tools and techniques that are a bit more complicated than making and selling a hammer. If you're a company that uses software from other vendors, or a software vendor who employs third-party contract programmers, here are a few issues to keep in mind, as you purchase software tools and move forward with your own sale. Read More 

Take The Stand: What To Expect With Your Personal Injury Trial

11 December 2017
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If you've been the victim of a bad driver, you may now be involved in seeking the compensation that you deserve. You have the right to travel without having to worry about careless drivers that are not paying attention, are driving too fast or are disobeying the rules of the road. In come cases, you may end up taking that other driver (or their insurance company) to court. Read on for a quick primer on how to be ready for this event and ensure that your time in court is successful and productive. Read More 

Tips For Handling Car Accidents That Happen During A Vacation

17 November 2017
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The last thing you want to deal with while you are on vacation is a car accident. Unfortunately, sometimes this becomes necessary. Whether you have found yourself in this situation or are simply preparing ahead just in case this happens to you, these tips will help you protect your legal rights and recover your losses, as well as give you peace of mind in a difficult situation. Call the Police and Request a Written Report Read More 

Sue Or Settle: What Should You Do If You’ve Been Injured In An Auto Accident?

16 October 2017
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After a car accident, your mind and body may not be in the best condition to make fast and crucial decisions, but that's exactly what you need to be able to do in order to seek justice. The choices you make now can impact the rest of your life, financially and otherwise, so make sure you consider all options and seek the most qualified advice, especially if you're left with the decision to sue or settle your case. Read More 

Were You Bit By A Dog At The Park? A Guide To Handling Your Personal Injury Case

26 September 2017
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You love dogs, and you always follow the basic safety rules for being approached by an animal out in public. Unfortunately, you also run into constant threats during your jogs in the park by dog owners who refuse to follow leash laws and keep their animal by their side in public spaces. While receiving a dog bite is painful and scary, it is important for you to know that the steps you take immediately after the injury occurs makes a big difference in the outcome of your case. Read More