Dealing With Oil And Road Debris While On A Motorcycle

7 March 2017
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As a motorcycle rider, you have very little protection compared to a car. When there is oil and debris on the roadway, you only have your two wheels to rely on to go over and around them. It's important that you know how to reduce your chances of getting injured if you should slide or run into these items. Even if you hit something and are injured, then there are steps to take to make sure you're legally compensated.

Types of road hazards where others may be liable:

All roads have some type of road hazard at any time, but not all of them can be blamed on anyone in particular. For example, an wild animal running across the road can't actually be blamed on anyone unless someone was actually chasing that animal onto the road. The same goes for acts of God such as wind blowing sand and vegetation across the road. However, things like a diesel spill caused by someone not replacing a tank cap, or a mattress or car parts scattered on the road because someone forgot to tie down or cover their load, can sometimes be traced to someone who would be liable for any accidents they caused.

Reducing your risk of hitting oil and debris:

One of the biggest things you can do to reduce the risk is to back to the basics of riding and ride defensively. Don't ride so fast that you can't see what's immediately ahead of you. Be on the lookout for things like oil slicks (which sometimes manifest themselves as a "rainbow" on a wet roadway) especially after the first rain after a long dry period. Don't fly around curves as you never know what might be just around the bend, plus it makes it more likely that you will slip if there's an oil patch. If you're fairly new to riding, or you need a refresher, then take a motorcycle safety course, which will give you tips on how to avoid a variety of hazards.

After an accident:

If you hit an oil patch or debris and are injured, first seek medical attention, and then try to remember as much about what happened as possible. Depending on the circumstance, you may be able to get some or all of your bills taken care of by the responsible party. The problem is that it could be difficult to track that party, but an experienced attorney may make it easier. He or she may know that you were in an area with a recent tanker truck accident or a place where there was a construction crew only a few days before. Someone else may have also had an incident with a mattress that wasn't tied down and may have information about the vehicle responsible. An attorney experienced with these matters will know whether or not it is possible for you to collect compensation. Check out a law firm like Law Office of Daniel E Goodman, LLC for help building your case.