When Do You Need Workers Compensation Lawyer? Here Are 3 Unique Instances

10 November 2021
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Suffering injuries in your workplace can leave you confused, and you may wonder what action you should take. You may know a thing or two about workers compensation, but you don't know precisely the steps you should take. If you suffer injuries that prevent you from working permanently or for some time, you might qualify for workers compensation. You may wonder, do you need legal representation? Depending on your claim's complexity and severity, you might need an attorney to guide you throughout the case. In this article, you'll learn three instances you'll want to hire a workers compensation lawyer. 

Your Employer Denies Your Claim with No Substantial Reasons

Your workers compensation claim can be denied for various reasons. For example, your employer may decline it if you don't have medical injury evidence or you fail to give notice that you were injured. Also, if you wait for the statute of limitations to pass, your employer can deny the claim. That said, some bosses may disprove you without any critical legal basis. Many do this hoping you won't appeal their decision or take legal action. 

Unfortunately, it's not uncommon to find some employees failing to appeal because they think they may lose their jobs. If this sounds like your situation, you shouldn't fear taking legal action against your employer. This is because no boss should fire you due to appealing their decision. If you believe your claim was denied without any legal grounds, you want to work with a workers compensation lawyer and improve the odds of getting compensated. 

If Your Offer Can't Cover Medical Expenses

Apart from covering other damages and losses, your compensation should always include settling medical bills. If the compensation you receive can't cover medical expenses, it's critical to find legal representation. While suffering injuries in your workplace can lead to many challenges such as financial strains, don't rush to accept a quick offer from your insurance agency. Many of these companies may offer a settlement that seems enticing but may lack medical fees. Taking such an offer can be detrimental to your recovery. 

If You Receive Threats from Your Boss

Threatening an employee due to filing a claim is illegal. While this is clear, some bosses can do so, but you shouldn't fear. All you should do is reach out to a workers compensation attorney to investigate your situation and give you the possible options you need to take.

Talk to a Workers Compensation Lawyer

If you experience the above-outlined instances, you should contact a workers compensation lawyer as soon as possible.