What To Do About Single-Car Accidents And Compensation

26 September 2022
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It's easy to assume that a single-car accident would be caused by the driver of the car. That is not always the case, though. Read on to learn why some single-car accidents can be blamed on someone else.

Single-Car Wrecks and Serious Injuries

You might be surprised at how serious the injuries can be from a single-car accident. When a vehicle hits a stationary object, the consequences can be catastrophic. Drivers can collide with large pieces of road machinery, trees, buildings, concrete barriers, and more. Vehicles, even new cars with lots of safety equipment, can crumple like tin cans when they impact a large, heavy, immovable object.

Who to Blame

It's not necessarily the driver's fault when a single-car accident occurs. There are many cases in which the driver was not at fault for the accident, such as:

  • A vehicle or large piece of machinery was blocking the roadway.
  • A vehicle did not have any lights on at night and was rear-ended.
  • A vehicle either accidentally or purposely ran a driver off the road.
  • A vehicle suffering from mechanical defects forced the driver to hit a tree or something else.

Seeking Compensation

If you were not to blame for the accident, you are owed compensation. You can be paid for your medical treatment costs, vehicle repairs or replacement, lost wages from a job, and pain and suffering because of your injuries.

Speak to an auto accident attorney about your case. Your attorney can help you obtain the compensation you are owed by investigating to locate the at-fault party. It might be a person, a business, a large corporation, or even a road construction company.

Follow These Tips

To ensure you are paid what you should be, follow the below tips:

  1. Be sure to seek medical help after the accident. Keep your medical information organized and give it to your attorney when you receive it.
  2. Never speak to the other side about the car accident or your injuries. Don't mention your accident on social media either.
  3. Never agree to a settlement without the help of your auto accident attorney.
  4. When your injuries have reached a point where you know how much you deserve to be paid, your attorney will negotiate with the other party to get you paid.

To find out more about being paid after a single-car accident where you were not at fault, speak to an auto accident attorney.