The Main Reasons Why Many Employees Get A Denial For Payment Application After Suffering Injuries At Work

9 January 2023
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If you suffer bodily harm from occupation hazards or unexpected incidents at work, you should get payments from your company's insurer. In addition, the process for applying for these benefits should be fairly clear and straightforward. However, pursuing compensation for injuries suffered on the job is sometimes complex. Furthermore, many applications for workers' comp benefits do not go through. Read on to know why this happens and how an attorney can help you when you get a denial.

The Main Reasons for a Denial

The law requires you to inform your employer about your injury or illness immediately when you notice symptoms of injuries. Failure to do this can deny you the right to pursue the payments. You may also be ineligible to apply for benefits if your conduct caused your injuries or if you suffered harm when performing tasks unrelated to your job. In addition, failure to seek timely medication can raise doubts about the cause and seriousness of your condition. Again, this can result in denial, especially if your employer claims your harm is not work-related.

Your application might also fail to go through if you make errors when filling out the paperwork or if you fail to provide some information. Further, this is the case if you miss the filing deadlines. However, it is important to note that some of these reasons may not be genuine enough to deny you rightful payments. Therefore, contact a lawyer to fight for you if your employer cites them as reasons to avoid paying you.

 How an Attorney Can Help You Get Your Rightful Payments

Your lawyer can offer you valuable assistance when applying for payments for your injuries suffered at work. First, they will ensure that you take the necessary steps when applying for these payments. They will then get the evidence needed to support your claim. Your lawyer will also prepare and file your application by the set deadline. In addition, if you get a denial, they will get additional information to strengthen your claim and maximize your benefits. Then, they file an appeal and represent you in your case to ensure you get the payment you deserve.

Note that some employers and insurers are hesitant to offer injured workers their rightful payments. This is why they raise the arguments discussed above to show that workers don't have a right to seek compensation. However, these defenses do not mean you don't qualify for benefits. So, if you get a denial, hire a workers' comp lawyer to fight for you to ensure you get your rightful benefits.

For more information, reach out to a local workers' compensation lawyer.