Why Liability Is Sometimes In Dispute With A Head-On Collision

27 February 2023
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A head-on collision is when two cars collide while traveling in opposite directions. This accident often comes out of nowhere because one of the motorists has drifted to the wrong side of the road. The result of a head-on collision can also be very devastating, and you must do everything you can to seek total compensation for your injuries to pay for your medical expenses. It's important to speak with a personal injury lawyer because liability can sometimes be in dispute. 

Why Head-On Collisions Cause More Damage 

When two vehicles collide, the damage can be more severe because there is not only the velocity of one car but also the velocity of the other vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. Head-on collisions should never happen because all traffic is supposed to head in one direction. Still, there are several reasons why a driver might be negligent and cause a head-on collision.

Types of Injuries Caused by a Head-On Collision

Many common injuries can result from a head-on collision. One of the most common is a chest injury. The crash might lead to a collapsed lung or broken ribs. You might need surgery and years of rehabilitation.

Why Head-On Collisions Occur

One reason for a head-on collision is that the driver becomes distracted. All drivers should remain focused entirely on the road, but some drivers are negligent and cause accidents. Driers are more likely to become distracted if they are tired or intoxicated. 

Drinking and Driving is Still a Problem

Some drivers still choose to drink and drive even when it is explicitly against the law, and driving while under the influence of alcohol reduces a driver's reaction time and leads to poor judgment. 

Liability is Usually Clear With Head-On Collisions 

A driver is expected to operate their vehicle reasonably and prudently to avoid car accidents. If a driver drifts onto the wrong side of the road, they are at fault under most circumstances.

When Liability Might Be in Dispute

One exception is if the road conditions are so bad that it's challenging to determine what side of the road to drive on. For example, because of poor visibility, a driver might not be able to see where one lane ends. Drivers are often confused in construction zones and when there are multiple lanes.

It would be best to speak with a personal injury attorney about whether the other driver would be considered negligent and how you can win your case. Then, you will be more likely to increase your compensation when you pursue a settlement or in court.

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